To measure the size of your existing Browband, lay the Browband flat and measure it from end to end.

I recommend you do this as no refunds will be given for incorrect sizing or incorrect measures.

NOTE: Due to all browbands being hand made they may vary 1/4″ either way so please allow for this when ordering.

Standard Browband Sizes are as follows.

Inch cm
Shetland 12” 30.5cm
Small Pony 12.5” 31.8cm
Pony 13” 33cm
Large Pony 13.5” 34.3cm
Cob 14” 35.6cm
Large Cob 14.5” 36.9cm
Full 15” 38.1cm
Large full 15.5” 39.4cm
Warmblood 16” 40.9cm